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The Times of Navi Mumbai – Sahaja Yoga for heart disease January 23, 2010

Sahaja Yoga for heart disease and diabetes

The prevailing corporate culture is taking the toll of the executive’s health. Diseases like Angina, Heart attack and Diabetes which only struck in elderly age groups are now claiming as their victims as young as 30 yrs old. The increase of these diseases is largely due to faulty Life Style and greater Stress in day to day life.

Keeping this in view Dr Rai feels one has to change his life style to prevent the increased incidence of Heart disease and Diabetes. He was speaking at the International Cardiology Conference held at MGM Institute of Medical Sciences on January 7 2009.

A number of distinguished Cardiology Professors from America and India participated in this Conference which was inaugurated by Hon Vice Chancellor Of MGM University Prof Dr Ravi Bapat. Also present on this occasion were Pro VC of MGM Univ, Dr Sudhir Kadam and Medical Director, MGM Vashi Hospital, Dr Nitin Kadam, Registrar of Univ, Dr Sharma and Dean Dr Narshetty.

Giving his presentation on Stress and its deleterious effects on Heart, Dr Sandeep Rai, Assoc Prof and Unit Head, Dept of Medicine, MGM, showed exemplary Researches on Sahaja Yoga conducted at LHMC, Delhi and MGM Med College, which showed that Sahaja Yoga Meditation for only 20 minutes daily reduced bad effects of Stress especially on the heart.

A recent study conducted by Dr Rai who is also a Diabetologist at MGM Hospitals, Navi Mumbai showed that those people practicing Sahaja Yoga recorded an increase in their Heart Rate Variability. Diabetics generally have low Heart Rate Variability and thus they are at a greater risk of developing heart diseases. They can greatly benefit from practicing Sahaja Yoga.

Dr Kaushik Patel, Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology from Nebraska Institute, USA also commented on the usefulness of meditation in tackling day to day stress. Prof SathyaPrabha from NIMANS, Bangalore said that tackling Stress by Yoga can decrease incidence of Heart diseases. Sahaja Yoga was founded by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, a legendary Spiritual Scientist of our times.

It is extensively researched and its usefulness in tackling Stress and Stress related diseases is firmly established in Medical Science. Sahaja Yoga is now practiced in more than 100 countries of the World. It is easy to learn and does not interfere with any religion and is free of cost.

The International Sahaja Research and Health Centre  was founded by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  in  1996 in CBD , Navi Mumbai,  and is the only Centre in the World where patients are treated  by Vibrations generated by practice  of Sahaja Yoga Meditation .


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