When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Patanjali describes what happens after Self-Realization September 22, 2009

Here is translation of Samadhi Pada 1-42:43 base on my Sahaja yoga experience:

1.42 (tatra shabda artha jnana vikalpah sankirna savitarka samapattih)

– tatra = there, among these, in that

– shabda = sound, word

– artha = meaning

– jnana = knowledge, idea

– vikalpah = with options

– sankirna = mixed with, commingled, interspersed

– savitarka = accompanied with gross thoughts (sa = with; vitarka = gross


– samapattih = engrossment, coincidence, complete absorption, transmute into


1.42 Then our consciousness has difficulties to recognize the name, meaning and knowledge for particular object.

1.43 (smriti pari-shuddhau svarupa-shunya iva artha-matra nirbhasa nirvitarka)

– smriti = of memory

– pari-shuddhau = upon purification (pari = upon; shuddhau = purification)

– svarupa-shunya = devoid of its own nature (shunya = devoid; svarupa = its

own nature)

– iva = as it were

– artha-matra = only the object (artha = object; matra = only)

– nirbhasa = illuminative, shining brightly

– nirvitarka = without a gross thought (nir = without; vitarka = gross thought)

1.43 In this way the object purified from  name, meaning and knowledge shines in his real/vibratory/ nature.

If you can understand Bulgarian, you can read my entire translation of Samadhi Pada here:


One Response to “Patanjali describes what happens after Self-Realization”

  1. Pranayama Says:

    Thank you so much for the such a great information about self-realization. Pranayama is a great way to self realization. It is a collection of different breathing exercises which controls the body energy and helps to meditate, self-realization and kundalini shakti awakening.

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