When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

The Holy Spirit is the Mother of Jesus July 22, 2009

Holy Spirit

According “The Gospel to the Hebrews” mother Mary is The Holy Spirit:

“Origen on John, ii. 12. And if any accept the Gospel according to the Hebrews, where the Saviour himself saith, ‘Even now did my mother the Holy Spirit take me by one of mine hairs, and carried me away unto the great mountain Thabor’, he will be perplexed, &c. . . .”

“On Jeremiah, homily xv.4. And if anyone receive that saying, ‘Even now my mother the Holy Spirit took me and carried me up unto the great mountain Thabor’, and the rest. . . .”

“On Isa. xi. 9, My mother the Holy Spirit.”

“On Ezek. xvi.13. My mother, the Holy Spirit.”


3 Responses to “The Holy Spirit is the Mother of Jesus”

  1. Devendra Vatsa Says:

    That’s truly a natural Pic whom made by with the help of god mind coz the element of jesus mother is in legs & that the part of lion nature…… she is showing ture thing…………

  2. Christinme Smith Says:

    This is incorrect. Mary concieved by The Holy spirit and so is The Mother Of God . To concieve as God as shown us proves a PRO LIFE role of Male and Female. Mary wasobvouslyFemale so the Holy spirit s male.
    The use of this beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadelupe should only be used with the truth as She is a pro life image. Yoga has nothing to do with Mary the Mother Of God apart from she will bruise its head so please dont mix the two up. Peace Be With You fom Christinme

    • Peter Says:

      Dear Christinme,
      When you get to know Sahaja yoga you will realize that Mother Mary is located at in our Ajna chakra/ Third eye/ at our forehead.

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