When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Sahaja yoga and 2012 – Jeff’s vision July 10, 2009

So here’s his vision, all of a sudden Mother turned something long and he was in it for about an hour. He said Mother communicated to me, to say talked would not be accurate. Mother communicated to me that Ritumbrapragya, (the divine consciousness of God), will come down on this world at the end of 2012. The whole process will go on until around Mother’s birthday on March 21, 2013. When it comes time, the living attention of God Almighty, it scans everybody, and if they have had their realization, there is some sort of click in their DNA that enables the divine attention to recognize that this person has become realized, and then this attention, this Ritumbrapragya, goes around the whole world, and collects them and makes them one. In reality they become one. It just lifts everyone into that state of oneness. He said this is around late December 2012.

This is very interesting because it’s not part of the vision, but there are many scriptures that talk about this time as a special time. 2012 is when the Mayan calendar ends, for all time. Look it up on Google, there is so much written about 2012. The Mayan calendar goes on for 10s of thousands of years, it’s not like the Gregorian calendar, the Mayans new about eclipses to the very minute. Which means that after that is a whole new era for the world.

Jeff said have you ever been in the stadium where everyone is doing the Mexican wave, you see it in soccer matches. This is the way it will happen and it needs a certain number of people. After this, as a realized soul, you will know everything you put your and [own] attention to. In fact, you will be able to be in three or four places at once. Because you will actually be everywhere, you will be at one with the consciousness of God Almighty. This will come down us and we will be part of it.

Now he said, this will need a certain number of people and the number of the Mother quoted was 300 million. And Bohdan thought, my goodness we’ve been at this for over 30 years and we’ve only got about 80,000. If you think about it we’ve got about 40,000 in India, maybe 10,000 in Russia, maybe 5000 in Ukraine, and the rest, maybe 80,000 if you really push it.

Bohdan thought, I’ve got to stop going to work, I’ve got to help in the process in a big way. Jeff said no, be cool about it Bohdan, be in the zone, it’s already done. We will in fact be able to go backwards and forwards in time if we wish to, for we will be beyond time. We will inhabit these bodies, which will be re-invigorated because with the Ritumbrapragya coming down, it will change our DNA. It will lock into this first key, which is our realization, and then, like a Rubik’s cube he mentioned, going click, click, click, click and all of a sudden it will all be sorted out and solved.

He also spoke about the famous Einstein equation e=mc squared, where energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. That’s what the atom bomb was made of, which is not what Einstein wanted, he was trying to delve into truth. Jeff said we will become part of that equation, consciousness, all that energy, mass etc., are one thing. We will be that. Now, if we make a bandhans, things happen. We won’t have to do that we will think of it and it will come our way, we will want food and some hot [how] it will come our way, technically we won’t even have to work. People will decide to create and give it as a gift to the other people in that state, out of respect and out of love. He said it’s rather like when a yogi makes something and gives it to Mother she appreciates it much more because he [she] sees the love of a yogi, rather than something that’s bought. She appreciates the love that’s imbued in it as a gift for her.

He said that a lot of things which are very rare now, like putting your hand on the table and your hand going through that table, will become much more common. The space between nuclei and electrons is massive but there is a possibility, albeit extremely rare, that your hand will fall into the space between the atoms of the table. In this new state all this will become more common even though currently the authors of that happening are billions and billions to one. In the new state, when we desire something, in pure desire, it’s going to happen. So if you are walking down the streets of New York and you think I’d really like to see someone, in the new situation they’ll walk around the corner. This will be a common occurrence. He said let’s go back to that electronic box in the consulate office. Your desire to be out of there, the electrons in that electronic box suddenly become in synch and they move suddenly from number 32 to number 91. He says in the new state your consciousness will interface with matter for matter and energy and your consciousness are one and the same. When Mother says God is prepared to give you everything, we didn’t really understand that. It could be that in five years Mother at once to give us everything.

At this point he was thinking Mother, let’s forget 300 million let’s make it 350 million. So Bohdan is thinking I’ve got to leave everything and focus on giving realization, Jeff says no, it’s done. It’s already done. He said when Mother got `ill’ She actually used that time, when the family and the doctors were looking after her body, She actually receded, went very deep, and fought tremendous battles so that this whole process could fructify in success. So it’s already been done. She’s spent the last five years making sure it will happen and what She said was (in the vision) that when the realized souls go into that state in 2012, the ones left behind will remain as they always have been, separate. And for the rest, the ones who enter the new state, like going through a gate or through a wall, will enter a new reality. He said that we are helping all the people to rise and to elevate but in the new situation, when we go into the new state, we will no longer be helping the rest. We’ll be in the new state; they’ll be left where they are. The pressure will come off our chakras and the people left behind will no longer have the benefits of what we have all been doing.

However, what he said was going to happen in the original plan was Armageddon. Lord Sada Shiva was quickly going to shove the chaff out of circulation. But because 300 million people are needed, and this is quite a large number, Shri AdiShakti brokered another agreement as part of the divine play. In his graciousness, Lord Shiva accepted. The new agreement was that the goal posts could be lowered. The reason that the new deal was accepted was that it was understood that the reason we have got so few people was that there is a mental block generated and caused by the false gurus who’ve done their job only too well. This means that whenever we go out, people are scared, they won’t come near Sahaja Yoga, they hold back and so on. Lord Shiva understands that and the deal that was brokered what was that the 300 million people don’t have to be Sahaja yogis, they just have to have their realization. They don’t even have to know that Mother exists. In his graciousness this is what the Lord Shiva has allowed. What that means, and you know that for the last five years Shri Mataji has, just about in every talk, been telling us to go wide and give realization to people as never before. She hardly talks about anything else. She says all my powers are with you – go out and give it.

We have screened that talk Freedom and Liberation to lots of people up here on the coast, outside Sydney, and when people watch it, they get their realization. When Mother was talking to Jeff, She talked a lot about China and said that when the Chinese take to Self-realization, there will be no stopping them.

Bogdan was saying that he always wondered whether things would change.


18 Responses to “Sahaja yoga and 2012 – Jeff’s vision”

  1. techzen Says:

    thanks for sharing this ! 🙂

  2. CL Patel Says:

    Thanks for sharing your vision.Let us give realisation to the whole world by sitting in our meditation room by moving our hands with attention. We are the instruments but the player of the instrument is The Adi Shakti. May be that way it may work out. You are the transmitters all the time radiating vibrations allover knowingly or unknowingly.Just desire for for the same.

  3. Sia Says:

    Jai Shri Mataji. It has been requested by Bohdan himself that the article of Jeff’s vision should be taken off immediately, as neither Jeff not Bohdan have given consent for it to be published. If you like to contact Bohdan, please write to myself and I can forward you his email.
    Many thanks!!!

    • Peter Says:

      This is valuable info and everybody should be informed.
      We will evaluate your proposal and will decide.

      • John Says:

        hello Peter
        I have seen the email Sia refers too, and have talked on the phone with Dr.Bohdan. I can confirm that Bohdan wishes this account to be removed from the web.
        Please do so.

  4. Octavio Says:

    i would like to present to you some research i have done in the past years, my intention are not to create any sort of new belief, or reaction to your knowledge, it is purely designed to stimulate you awareness, and impart this knowledge finding, i do not know what will happen in the year 2012, but the arealisation is to evolve here now collectivity and embrac e the Kingdon of GOD, this means that our higher birth right has to manifest completely, leaving behind the left-right hemisphere, this is a great challenge for all of us!.

    thank you for your understanding.

    Kind Regards a Seeker a Truth, i wish you fufillness in the Life !..


    Spontaneous Awakening:

    Time Evolves:

    Human Geography:

  5. Peter Says:


    it’s time to stop listening Tom, Dick and Harry and hear the voice of Adi Shakti.

  6. John Says:

    Dear Sahaja Yogis,

    I knew Bogdan when he was a newcomer to Sahaja Yoga.
    He is a lovely soul who, as Sri Mataji Herself said many times, also “thinks too much”.
    It sounds like this Jeff may also have such a trait.

    It is events like the apparent Jeff dream and the related conversation which prevent most of us from remaining in meditation.

    Perhaps our frustration at the slow growth of Sahaj makes us look OUTSIDE for some form of “rescue”.
    It is NOT outside, as our beloved Mother has told us, but the answer is within.
    We HAVE to go deeper in our meditation, not jump onto 2012 or some other man-made date as a carrot before us.

    If we fully FELT Mother’s powers and if each of us became a real Yogi, we would be far more useful to our Mother than participating in “mental gymnastics” – Mother’s own words.

    Please, please, work on ourselves, go DEEPER within, and let our Divine Mother use us. Thinking and philosophising may be pleasurable, but it is a huge concrete wall preventing our Mother’s Chaitanya from flowing through us and doing Her work.

    It is only the silent, deep, meditation which ACTS, which WORKS things out – because it allows our Mother to do the work through us.
    So please, excuse this old one, but all of us MUST go deeper- we MUST spend more of our time on this.

    Please do not waste the precious remaining moments of our Divine Mother’s presence on Earth.
    We will NEVER have this opportunity again – in this life or the next.

    • Peter Says:

      Thanks for this deep and profound message.

      May be you are aware that day after day vibrations are getting stronger and stronger. The acceleration is really fast and the question is how we can be keep up with same pace.

      It is time to realize that if we keep Devi prasanna, she will give us everything what we need. She is doing EVERYTHING.

      We need to listen HER lectures and try to comply. Please read again Guru 2008, introspect and see how many people try to follow HER direction.

  7. Parul Says:

    Jai Shri Mata Ji,

    So many times Shri Mother talked about last judgement. we should always be prepared about this, not thing about the time we should be strong and deep always.

    May Divine mother bless u all

  8. Thanks for sharing this. You are right, the vibrations are getting stronger. May Mother bless us with her love and protection.

  9. jsm!

    Thanks for sharing this. You are right, the vibrations are getting stronger. May Mother bless us with her love and protection.

  10. amrita s roy Says:

    jai shree mataji

    thanks for sharing this article this is similar to Doom’ day , earth will enter in new constellation leaving from Pisces to Aquarius constellation , of cousre there is going to have huge changes and sahajayoga means to evolve and evolve , and shri mataji has always said to get prepared for last judgment ,( will be through kundalini raisging) we have the srong kundalini power as well lot of vibrations , better stop judging and get ready for the day ,,,,,,,,,,,with lot’s of love

  11. Peter Says:

    Yes Amrita,
    Looks like is coming soon. Better be ready for this.

  12. Jai Shri Mataji!!!

    Sahasrara Message about God’s new Plan to save Humanity since Sahaja Yoga had relative failure on Earth – 1-07-2010

  13. veni Says:


    It looks like it has already come, and it is in action:)

  14. Jai Shri Mataji,
    To me as Sahaj Yogis , we have the Power to decide either this is true or this false. I personally do complain that After realisation people don’t stayed in Sahaja Yoga, rather than jumping in and jumping out. According to Jeff’s Vision and Shri Mataji’s own words, we should rather give realisation to the people. either they stay or “not our is to give self realisation”

  15. rogerio Says:

    existe muito na internet comentario sobre geometria sagrada, porem nosso slogan ja e geometria sagrada. mas nos nao comentamos muito
    sobre assunto.



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