When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

You called me O lionkeeper… December 24, 2008

Tune mujhe bulaye sherawaaliye, mein aya mein aya sherawaaliye
(You called me O lionkeeper, I am coming, i am coming O keeper of lion)
Oh jyotawaaliye paharwaaliye oh meherawaaliye
(O giver of light, O guardian/protector, Oh giver of wealth)

saara jag hai ik banjaara, sab kii manzil tere dwaara
(The whole world is place of Gypsies (fun), everyone’s destiny is your door)
ouchey parbat lamba rasta, par mein rehana paaya sherawaaliye
(High mountains, long road, but I couldn’t keep away o Goddess of Lion)

sune mann mein ja gayi baati, tere path mein mil gayi saathi
(He who listens, sees a light, following your path gave me company)
muh kholum kya tujha se mangu, bin mange sab paaya sherawaaliye
(What to say, what can I ask from you, without asking I find all, O brave Goddess)


kaun hai raaja kaun bikharim ek bar bar tere sare pujari
(Who is the King, who is a beggar, they are all your devotees)
tune sab ko darshan deke, apne gale lagaya sherawaaliye
(You have made your presence known to everyone and welcomed all in your arms O spirited Goddess)

oh prem se bolo jai maata di,
(O say it lovingly, Praise to Maa Durga)
o sare bolo,
(Everyone say it!)o aate bolo, o jate bolo,
(Say it while coming, say it while going)
o kasht nivare, o paar utaare,
(She takes away your pain, She takes you across)
mere maa bholi, barde jholi,
(O naive Maa, fill my bag)
o jode darpan, maa de de darshan
(Who gives a mirror, Maa shows herself to him)
jai maata di
(Praise to Maa Durga)
o maharawali ki jai
(The one with wealth, praise to you)
o shrawaliya ki jai jai ambe rani ki jai
(Jai sherawali, jai Ambe rani)
o paharawale ki jai
(O praise be to the protector)


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