When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

The firm control of the senses, is what is called yoga August 8, 2008

“7. Beyond the senses is the mind, beyond the mind is the intellect, higher than the intellect is the Great Atman, higher than the Great Atman is the Unmanifest.

8. Beyond the Unmanifest is the Person, all-pervading and imperceptible. Having realized Him, the embodied self becomes liberated and attains Immortality.

9. His form is not an object of vision; no one beholds Him with the eye. One can know Him when He is revealed by the intellect free from doubt and by constant meditation. Those who know this become immortal.

10. When the five instruments of knowledge stand still, together with the mind and when the intellect does not move, that is called the Supreme State.

11. This, the firm Control of the senses, is what is called yoga. One must then be vigilant; for yoga can be both beneficial and injurious.”

Chapter III-Katha Upanishad-


4 Responses to “The firm control of the senses, is what is called yoga”

  1. rhapsodysinger Says:

    Controlling the senses is a Western concept. Yoga rather means the integration of mind and body, the old Hebrew concept of body soul holism. In our vernaculars, which derive from Sanskrit, Yoga mean “addition”.
    As far as the Upanishads are concerned, Yoga is shown as a state which howsoever we try we cannot right now go to. It is for the advanced seer as the Dark Night of the Soul is for the likes of St John of the Cross. We would only suffer from depression. Similarly what the Upanishads tell us would for us be repression which can never be good for anyone.
    I am a firm believer in Upanishadic Hinduism and Advaita but find these two paths much misinterpreted and trivialized by keen students too.

  2. Peter Says:


    Yoga is integration connection between our self JivaAtma and the collective power – ParamAtma.

    The connection is Kundalini Shakti. The integration between Shiva-Spirit and Shaki-Power at the top of our head is yoga.

  3. rhapsodysinger Says:

    My dear Mr. Peter,
    Jiva Atma, Shiva Shakti all are terms as are God, Holy Spirit , Allah etc. Without experience they are meaningless and jargon.
    Thanks for your sporting spirit.

  4. Peter Says:

    Most respected Mr. Rhaps,

    My comments are based on my 19 years humble experience with Kundalini meditation. How I can speak without personal experience?


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