When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Rational mind is dead. Long live Intuitive Mind. August 5, 2008

Intuition is one of the main qualities of Muladhara chakra. She gives us opportunity to receive answers and take decisions not related with Rational Mind.

Rational Mind is based only on facts from our past. All these facts are not actual anymore, because of the dynamics of the Reality.

That’s why all concepts of Rational Mind are not real.

Rational mind is dead. Long live Intuitive Mind.  


8 Responses to “Rational mind is dead. Long live Intuitive Mind.”

  1. samasti Says:

    Rational Mind is based only on facts from our past – and fear! This is the fundamental difference between being rational and being intuitive. The former is self and other destructive because it is based of the past and on fear psychosis, while the latter rests on information received from the heart, in the herenow.

  2. Peter Says:


    In the heart resides The Spirit. If the heart stops entire body will die.
    Is not like this with our brain.

  3. samasti Says:

    Even if it is not the same with the brain, if the heart stops, maybe in an hour or so, the brain too will stop.

  4. Peter Says:

    If the circulation of the blood will stop, the functions of the brain will stop immediately.

  5. Peter Says:

    If the blood circulation will stop, the functions of the brain will cease immediately.

  6. brandon Says:

    If your liver fails, you wil die very soon! If the heart fails, you will die soon. If the brain ceases functioning, YOU have died, not the body. All of this really proves nothing, and to say it does is idiocy. Come back to individual reality, that is continuous subjective perceptual experiences. There is NO proof that life goes on after death WHATSOEVER. Yes the brain creat DMT and sends you on one hell of a trip during death, but couldn’t that just be a last-resort means of keeping your consciousness intact just in case your body finds a way to heal itself?

    It’s cool if you want to live in a fantasy, but please keep it to yourself. You are being conditioned into unconsciousness, that is all.

    Intuition is not oposed to fear, in fact many times I had intuitions they were the product of having tremendous fears, that finally subsided and gave way to my intuition. Nobody is intuitive all of the time, to do so would be to not function at all, no doing, just being. What’s the point of that? It’s all about balance. The rational mind is not something to fear, or deny, it’s to be used in alliance with your intuitions.

    To deny the rational or intuitive mind is to deny yourself. Remember tension IS reality. Fear AND love IS reality. All opposites exist on a certain level of reality, until they dissolve away in essence. Both are true, both exist. To deny either is to deny the complete truth.

    Live, Learn & Love


    Good day

  7. Peter Says:

    “Fear AND love IS reality.”


    You can feel Fear and Love only with your heart not with brain.

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