When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Buddhi – Intellect June 9, 2008

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“So Shri Krishna, He used His intellect. He is all-powerful. Nothing can dominate Him. Even His intellect cannot dominate Him. He used His intellect. Difference between the two, you should see. You should be able to use your intellect and not to be dominated by your intellect. So He used His intellect by which He solved many problems. His whole diplomacy was to use His intellect and use it for the purpose of divine.

All the time the divine in Him was helping Him to use His intellect. So the difference is that we are slaves of our intellect. And He is the master of His intellect. Not only, everything – His conditioning He’s master, His emotions He’s master, His body he’s the master. He’s master of everything and when you master, it you see your intellect very clearly, “Oh, this is what it is suggesting, this is not.” This intellect can give you very so-called positive ideas that you are the lord of the whole world. This is supposed to be positive. Or the same intellect can give you ideas that you are nothing. This intellect plays on top of you. Now you are not to be guided by your intellect but by your wisdom, as you are Sahaja Yogis.

So you have a very good instrument of feeling it. Through your vibrations you can make out what is good and what is bad. And you can see sometimes, as being human beings, there are some intellectual effects also coming in, but with Sahaja Yoga you can judge what is this intellect telling you. Because the intellect that you have has come out of what, is the main thing, should go to the subtle point, “How this intellect has come to us?” This intellect has come to us because our brain became active very soon. I have seen some children, extremely intelligent but they have no wisdom. If your only the brain develops too much – could be the mother is a very intelligent woman and father must be very intelligent, inheritance would be great, so they get it. Or maybe the circumstances, like if you are born in a particular country you suddenly become very intelligent.”- Shri Mataji


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