When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Prakriti, Matter, Mother-how to control the matter May 25, 2008

Is it possible to imagine the life without Matter?  She is around us taking care about us all the time as real Mother.   

During out evolution we learned how to control and modify this matter. This is the difference between animals and human beings. We try all the time to have full control over the matter.  

Lets see what is the origin of this Matter- The Devi Bhagavatam: The Ninth Book: Chapter 1

“…Who is this Prakriti? (Whether She is of the nature of Intelligence or of matter?) Why did She manifest Herself and then again why did She reveal Herself in these five forms? And what are Her characteristics?…

… 4-18. Narayana said :– “O Child! Who is there in this world that can describe fully the characteristics of Prakriti! However I will describe to you that much which I heard from my own father, Dharma. Hear. The prefix “Pra” in the word Prakriti means exalted, superior, excellent; and the affix “Kriti” denotes creation. So the Goddess, the Devi Who is the most excellent in the work of creation is known as the Devi Prakriti.”

In order to have more control over the Matter we need to develop in ourselves all her qualities.  Her main quality is to take care for everybody.

When we start taking care for other people and not only for ourselves, we can develop our control over the Matter.

In my next article we will learn more about other quality of the Matter, which is Maya or illusion. 


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