When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

When you see life from within April 21, 2008

Your view of the world and the life that you see,
is totally the opposite of what it appears to be.
It’s not in the real world that we see all the time,
but it’s quietly happening in the back of your mind.

An opportunity is growing …to understanding yourself,
and you can’t even read it from the books on the shelf.
Light enters darkness, when you go that next step.
here’s something unique you must learn to accept.

The world as you see it …that great illusion,
is totally the opposite, and you must reach this conclusion.
You only go outward to get further in,
you only get further, when you see life from within.


One Response to “When you see life from within”

  1. robertasia Says:

    very beautiful words, it s true. and the illusion of this world is necessary for us to understand it from within. it s a wonderful thing, there is so much goodness in this illusion. it is an incredible blessing for all of us and especially for the ones who jump into it yet witness it and grow in it. the illusion-maya of the world does make people powerful!

    i always love any kind of post concerning the Illusion in general from all points of view. i am also thinking to post about it because it is the essence of everything.

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