When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Christians, Hindus, Muslims and all have to evolve to a higher state April 19, 2008


 “That you have to be born again, that you have to be baptized, that  you have to become a Pir, that you have to become a Brahmin – all  these descriptions have come to us from all the great scriptures. It  is very easy to say that we don’t believe in God, we don’t believe in  any Incarnation, we don’t believe in Jesus, we don’t believe in any  religion, we don’t believe into anything; is very easy to say. Even  it is easy to say that we believe in them, we believe in God, we  believe in Christ, we believe in Krishna, Rama, all that. Both things are equally the same.

When you believe in God you believe in the darkness and ignorance,  and when you do not believe in Him also you are in ignorance. By  believing into you close your eyes, accept the faith and go along  with it. Of course it shows that you are conscious of some Power which is beyond. Such people have a great chance. But in the case if  you go to these extremes in this kind of faith then you start only  believing in Christ, only believing in Muhammad, only believing in  Krishna – I mean depending on where you are born. How human beings are so narrow-minded?

 If you are born in England either you will be a Catholic, or a  Protestant, or maybe one of these witchcraft people. You believe into  anything because you are localized in a place; there has been some  identifications because your mother believed into something, because  your father believed into something, or you paid for it. And this  faith can become such a blinding effect on people that you develop  absurd types of groups which call themselves as Christians, Hindus,  Muslims – whatever you may say – and are extremely, extremely  exclusive, blind, and fanatic.

 Today one of the problems of the times of the modern times is  fanaticism. Now this fanaticism has been growing. The more people try  to get out of this fanaticism, it grows more.”

  Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi, Being Born AgainMay 12, 1980 – Caxton Hall, London, U.K.


One Response to “Christians, Hindus, Muslims and all have to evolve to a higher state”

  1. axinia Says:

    love this quote!
    i want to write a post on belonging to all realigions and will link to this quotation for sure! thanks for posting it here.

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