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TORSION FIELDS April 17, 2008

Torsion fields have been studied by several groups of Russian scientists for at least three decades and most of that time in secret. What are torsion fields? The torsion field and its emanations are subtle energy fields. They are separate and distinct from classical Electric, Magnetic, and Gravity fields. Generators for these fields can be shielded against electro-magnetic fields and the torsion field still manifests itself through such shielding. Torsion fields can be generated, detected, switched on and off (such as for communication purposes), and are a distinct type of energy field heretofore not included in today’s classical physics.

Torsion field can travel at velocities at least as high as 109 times the speed of light.


“Like Einstein has said that there’s an area beyond our human mind which is called as Torsion Area. And all the truths, absolute truths are known when you enter into that Torsion Area. This Torsion Area has different names. For example in Sanskrit it’s called as Paramchaitanya. In the Koran it’s called as Ruh. In every religion it has been described. But as you know religion also what it has taken in many different shapes in the hands of human beings. Human beings have a speciality of spoiling everything.”Shri Mataji


10 Responses to “TORSION FIELDS”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Arriving at the same truth by science and spirituality. I love this!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. ihorro Says:

    Not 109 times the speed of light, but 1000000000 times the speed of light.

  3. clark Says:

    ha ha ha , how bout that Peter,,,,,,,thats alot of Zeros,,,he he , i wish i knew math, JSM

  4. Peter Says:

    I think that he is right.

  5. Inder Cheema Says:

    Hi Ihoro,
    I am quite interested to know about the Einstein Torsion Field. How you have come to the conclusion that these Torsion Fields have the speed of 1 million time and not 109 times.

  6. rohit Says:

    Jai Shree Mataji

  7. pravish Says:

    Dear all sahajyogi scientist,
    Can any one explain me why vibration is not visible by naked eye why it come only in photos ?

  8. vibrations are micro, so we cant see.with our see micro we must use misroscop.

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