When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi


Some Evidence of Subtle Energies on Photographic Film

William A. Tiller, Ph.D. – SUBTLE ENERGY ACTIONS AND PHYSICAL DOMAIN CORRELATIONS  – CONSCIOUSNESS, INTENTIONALITY AND SUBTLE ENERGIES – Professor Emeritus – Department of Materials Science and Engineering – Stanford University – Stanford, California 94305-2205

During the early 1970s, a gentleman named Stan came to see me about some photographs he had taken. At the time, his camera was a simple Kodak with a plastic lens, and the film was Kodak Kodacolor.
Strange lights and illuminations appeared on the photos. Stan indicated much the same thing happened when other people gave him their cameras to take pictures. He first thought he was a camera klutz. But he eventually realized that the film phenomena correlated with special inner states he could sense and which he felt “energized” the camera. Dark which processed the photographs. In addition to the expected physical scenes, remarkable optical effects were imprinted on the photographs.

The special occasions when the optical effects were most probably to be obtained were (a) at spiritual rock concerts; (b) at religious shrines; and (c) at high-energy metaphysical lectures.

The special inner states involved the following physiological symptoms. Whenever he would sense a particular feeling in his 7th cervical plus 4th thoracic vertebrae and snapped a picture, he would invariably find some anomaly present on the subsequent photograph. In addition to the expected physical scenes, remarkable optical effects were imprinted on the photographs. His camera had been sent to Kodak and certified to be in good working order. The photographs were also sent to Kodak specialists to determine what kind of picture-taking error had transpired. ….

Over a fifteen-year period, out of 9,000 photographs taken 5,000 contained easily distinguishable anomalies. During all of this time, his only intention during the picture-taking process was “to reveal God’s universe.”

In a series of studies I carried out with this man, two cameras were utilized. One camera was sensitized by the man, the other was not. Both were mounted on a single tripod with a single shutter release. Standard Kodak color film and standard Kodak processing were used, and the man was never allowed to touch the film during loading or unloading.

Most photo pairs showed very significant differences. The photos from the sensitized camera would often show one or more people in the frame as somewhat transparent over a portion of their body so that objects behind them could clearly been seen through the transparent (translucent) portion. However, the photos from the unsensitized camera showed their bodies fully formed and opaque as one would expect. In other single camera experiments, the opaque lens cap was placed on the sensitized camera, but remarkably clear photographs THROUGH this opaque barrier were still obtained.

This man appeared to be able to sensitize any camera merely by keeping it close to his body for several days.
After he had fully sensitized a camera (or charged it up with his subtle energies), it could be passed to someone else to take the pictures. Some anomalies would continue to appear on the photographs for the next hour, after which time period no further anomalies would appear.

Certain deductions can be made from this study.


(1) Some kind of radiations exists in nature that can travel through materials that are normally opaque to visible light.
(2) Such radiations, which may be normally present in nature, can be imaged via the camera onto the film by some quality inherent in this man’s energy field, and register an imprint at the physical level of the silver halide grains of the film.
(3) Some “energy soaking time” is needed for the camera to acquire this anomalous capacity after placing it in the special energy field of this man.
(4) This acquired anomalous capacity leaks away with a time constant of about l hour – unless continually “pumped” by the energy field of this particular man.




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