When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

MOON April 6, 2008

SHRI MATAJI – Gudi Padwa Talk

“Here (in India) every festival is based on position of the moon.  And that’s why the dates keep changing (every year) and a festival occurs on different dates in different years.  The reason why we give importance to the moon and keep all our dates according to its position is that the moon has more influence on human beings than the sun. Along with the moon, other planets also have influence on us.  That is the reason we observe festivals as per the lunar calendar.”

“Whatever it is, we must think as to why we give so much importance to the moon.  The reason is that we should remain vigilant about the effects that the moon has on us.  The biggest effect that the moon has on us is because our left side is based on it.  Very few people know about it.  This left side of the body which is recognised and accepted so much in our country, has psychological effects on us. 

Effects on the left side are psychological and not intellectual, and we cannot control it.  Whatever psychological problems we have, cannot be controlled.  We cannot control the effect of the moon on us.  That’s why the position of the moon is seen and lunar dates are observed.  For example if it is a no-moon night (Amavasya) or a full moon night (Poornima) then the problem of a person, having epilepsy or any other psychological problem, will aggravate further.  One can immediately see very clearly that such a person has been affected by the full moon or no-moon. 

That’s why we are very much sensitive towards the position of moon and date of lunar month.  In our country detailed calculations are done on this, to know about the exact timings and position of the eclipse.  All this shows that in our country a lot of care is taken about the effects of lunar calendar and so much has been discussed and written about it.”


2 Responses to “MOON”

  1. Laraine Says:

    Thank you for your insightful words. I agree that the effect of the moon cycle on human beings is psychological in nature. However, I disagree that we have no control over it. It is my experience that knowing about this effect can allow you to temper thinking and behavior. For instance, if you recognize that you get overly excited in a negative way during the full moon, it is possible to consciously adjust your behavior into a more positive and constructive one. I have benefited from this knowledge for myself for more than twenty years. Laraine at

  2. Peter Says:

    Thanks for your comment.
    Looks like that in your web site you are fully dedicated to The MOON.
    May be you know that Moon is controlling our left sympathetic nervous system, or shortly Ida nadi.
    I am glad that you have powers to control your mood, because some times the things are just not easy

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