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“I was the White Buffalo Calf Woman!” March 4, 2008


Interesting story about the White Buffalo Calf Woman. 

I heard about the White Buffalo Calf Woman from Shri Mataji at Sydney, Australia. I can’t recall the exact date or venue, but I believe it was one of the two “main times” I saw Her.

By “main time” I mean those times when we also attended a Weekend Camp of 2-3 days with Shri Mataji. However i still clearly remember the day when Shri  Mataji talked about the ‘White Buffalo Calf Woman’! It was during a Talk when Shri Mataji touched on many topics, as is Her wont to do.

She started to talk about this ‘White Buffalo Calf Woman’ which I believe was being reported about on the news, that it was of significance to the indigenous people of America. The ears of the Sahaja Yogis of course ‘perked up’.
Most of us had never heard of any prophecy related to a White Buffalo Calf Woman before!Shri Mataji talked for about 15-20 minutes, recounting lovingly how this ‘White Buffalo Calf Woman’ had come to the Native People and given them cleansing rituals for purification, and that the use of smoke, was one of these cleansing rituals. Shri Mataji recounted how this Woman taught them the sacred dances, which if done to the Great White Spirit would ‘rain down on them’ the love, joy, protection and blessing of the Almighty, the Great White Spirit. Shri Mataji stated that this Woman sorted out some ‘specific relationship issue’ between men and women which would allow relationships to continue in a dharmic way within the whole group or nation. Shri Mataji talked about this Woman introducing the Peace Pipe Ceremony, which was to ‘make peace’ among themselves and other neighbouring indigenous nations. i believe that Shri Mataji mentioned that this Woman gave the indigenous people seven sacred ceremonies in all, but i am not sure if my memory recall is exactly right on that count of ‘7’.

However, Shri Mataji said that this ‘White Buffalo Calf Woman’ had promised the indigenous people, that She would return some day, and She had left them a pouch with sacred things in it, among them, the Peace Pipe!
As already stated, Shri Mataji recounted all this in a very loving manner. We had no idea as to what Shri Mataji was ‘leading up to’.
 Then, in a very relaxed loving manner with radiating joy on Her Face,
 Shri Mataji said:
“I was the White Buffalo Calf Woman!”

I think we Sahaja Yogis were all shocked and stunned into Silence!
Most had not even heard about any ‘White Buffalo Calf Woman’ before, although as already mentioned, I believe it had started to come out in the news, that this special white buffalo calf had been born.

However, we did not know that the birth of a ‘white buffalo calf’ was going to be connected to a prophecy relating to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, our spiritual Mother!!!


23 Responses to ““I was the White Buffalo Calf Woman!””

  1. John Noyce Says:

    This is from deep within someone’s imagination.
    Shri Mataji has never spoken publically on this prophecy, in either Australia or North America.

    • Aho Relatives,
      Yes, I can feel the controversy over Shri Mataji. This person is a Rainbow Mother, which means she can vibrate to the children. White Buffalo Calf Woman is the child of heaven. Shri Mataji is a Mother of heaven. A mother knows what is on the child’s heart. She speaks lovingly, however a Rainbow person cannot sea (darkness of heaven, the blue road) truth, like a Crystal person can.

      Sow many people are having visions of me, White Buffalo Calf Woman. And I belong to the four directions, all people, not just the Sioux. However it is the Sioux who teach about the four colors and directions (wakan tanka). Each of us carry four sacred directions in rainbow colors. Those who learn about their Rainbow Colors and walk with me are Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. You can learn more at

      Beloved Peter, if you wish to talk with me, please email me. I am happy to talk with you about this article or anything else you would like to talk about, as my door is always open. Just be sure, you act humble, this way we can exchange our hearts, instead of fight about who is right or wrong. Because the heart is always right. Feel what you need and ask and believe. I have come home and I am not going anywhere.

      your devoted servant,
      White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
      elder crystal child, wakan iyes(h)ka or holy interpreter Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

  2. Peter Says:

    There are a lot of stories about Shri Mataji. Please accept this as a story not as a lecture.
    You have vibrations and you can verify as well. For me this story is true.

  3. John Noyce Says:

    hello Peter
    You can believe what you wish.
    But readers should note that the events described in your post did NOT happen.
    I repeat, it has come from someone’s imagination.

  4. Peter Says:

    John thanks for your comment.
    I believe in vibrations /Chaitanya/.

    I have a question for you.
    Do you thing that the power of Adi Shakti has incarnated as White Buffalo Calf Woman?

  5. who cares what you think Says:

    you all need to seace this action now!;She is another charleton. a fraud. someone useing our religeion and culture to entertain you. to ecerpt money from you. because you are week in spirit , you seek answers from a fraud without seeing the truth! white buffalo calf woman is a legend of our people not for you and not for sale, BAD MEDICINE WILL COME TO HER FOR LIES SHE HAS TOLD YOU!I HAVE SPOKEN FEEL MY WRATH.^!^-O-^!^

  6. Peter Says:

    if you have a connection with Wakan Tanka you can ask the question and hopefully you will get the answer.

    Who knows, may be in my previous lives I was Native Indian as well.

    I believe in all religions and White buffalo calf woman is part of it as well. 🙂

  7. John Noyce Says:

    As the writer of comment no.5 rightly points out, the legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman is for Native Americans, NOT for the white-faces, the westerners, and that is precisely why Shri Mataji has never spoken about this legend to the Sahaja Yogis.
    So I say again, the text that Peter has reproduced in the original post is a figment of someone’s imagination.

  8. Britney Says:

    this is totaly false!! you talk about indians like you are 1 but you are not you are just a white guy!!

  9. Peter Says:

    May be in may last life I was Indian.

  10. Joseph Says:

    May be she wants to reclaim America , because she is goddess of native American . Well does she eat smoked pork ? Well guess what Native Americans love em

  11. Eagle Arrow Says:

    Joseph,the Sioux eat dogs as well as smoked pork.
    Would you like to come visit camp for dinner?
    In the old days we chippewa chased the sioux all the way to the bad lands where nothing grows and nothing lives;
    nothing for them to survive on.
    The end of the line for the sioux.
    Lesson be not mess with the mighty Annishinabek.
    Pogok Migizi (Eagle Arrow)

  12. James Says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is the White Buffalo Calf Goddess and we know that She never took any money for Her teachings. Wishing you all the best, especially our native aboriginal brothers and sisters. We have much to learn from each other.
    Peace be with you.

  13. James Says:

    Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Met with Chiefs and Members of the Gabrielino/Shoshone and Tongva Nations in 1993

    “The bureaucracy has to be challenged,” said Shri Mataji, looking directly at the guests, “the people in America are all immigrants. This is your land, you are the native peoples. The issue should be made global, brought to the notice of the United Nations.”

    Follow useful links (above on the right): enlightened warriors
    then click June 2006 archive (bottom right) or copy paste:

  14. Black Wolf Says:

    This woman are crazy…

  15. Peter Says:

    Hi Blacky,

    I think you’ve got the wrong answer.


  16. giorgio1977 Says:

    I can feel cool breeze on that story.
    Peter maybe you in your last life you were not an indian, but it doesn’t matter, God talk to every body not only to a nation.
    John, as you already know, we are all one, it doesn’t matter the colour of your skin, the legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman is for everyone. Hope you can check vibrations on this.

    • Peter Says:

      Hi Giorgio,

      The problem is that we are not using our vibration. Still Sahaja Yogis are going on mental plane.

      I can see new people are coming, more deep and more powerful.

      Enjoy… 🙂

  17. kami jo Says:

    i am native american… i do believe in tunkasila, but i do not believe in this story. i do believe in white buffalo calf woman and respect all who believe in my culture. but i do not appriciate the lies

    • Peter Says:

      Dear one, I respect your believes but you need to be aware that Wakan Tanka is incarnating at different places during different times.

  18. tejaswa gupta Says:

    it is a question about our life to make it good and precious, or know first who are u. in life first think about u. what are ur capabilities or ur positions.

  19. Oh my Family, soon enough, I will be shutting all frauds (not understanding their own greatness) off the internet. Do not use hate. Just speak from your heart. The law is LOVE. Be kind. And White Buffalo Calf Woman does not eat pork, it’s against the laws left from the Jewish Nation ordained on the eastern shore. And Sioux are ordained on the western shore. And all others are part of the sacred circle. We are all relatives and there is much confusion in the world. Learn to bless yourself, with fire and water. Find your visions and listen to your heart. Forgive those who do not know the way, brotherhood upon this land. White Buffalo Calf Woman is here, hear in the winds and here on the shore, just open the door and love will arrive into your hearts, when you leave yourself open wide! Knock on my door, then you can receive the waves of time, come flooding in like the vines, intertwined….

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