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Who’s hooked on TV? March 3, 2008

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Do you thing is worth to watch TV?

Recently I didn’t learn something valuable. Only wars, credit crunch and recession.  Sometimes when I watch TV and realize that I didn’t learn anything. I feel so empty.  

Does it mean that I just waste my time. May be you have the same feeling? 

A survey in Slovenia during 2004 shows that each viewer watched television for an average of 249 minutes per day!!! 

Recent survey shows that personal Internet time now rivals TV time. Some friends don’t watch TV at all.

How about you? Looks like is better to read some books, again.


12 Responses to “Who’s hooked on TV?”

  1. Peter Says:

    Hey Peter, I’m Peter too!

    I’m a big TV person! I can spend a whole day with nothing to do with a working remote and TV. Sometimes, if i can’t find anything really interesting, I just jump around between channels and watch the ads (I know it sounds crazy). Well, I do know TV might be less educated than books, but in my defense I do watch Discovery Channel once in a while 🙂

  2. Peter Says:

    I like Discovery channel as well. 🙂

  3. nirmalamagazine Says:

    Our tv at home is covered with a beautiful rug from India which is quite easy to remove each time we want to watch it. we watch mainly movies and almost never TV shows, maybe twice a year although here in HK some are really worthy and interesting. I like to learn languages thru the TV for examples. radha

  4. nirmalamagazine Says:

    what do they show in Mali at the tv? i ‘d love to know!

  5. Peter Says:

    Local people like a lot of music and dancing. Some times Malian music sounds like Indian ragas. Here in Africa there is nothing like TV schedule.

    African people are not addicted to TV. 🙂

  6. Good to know that African people are not addicted to TV. There is one more thing about TV. It kills creativity. It makes you think the way the producer wants you to think. Books let your imagination fly free and there by nourishing creativity, esp in youngsters.

    Destination Infinity.

  7. radha Says:

    It’s the best! I see it in my personal experience that if we don’t watch TV we feel more free and have time to express ourselves in artistical ways just like Africans do 🙂

  8. Peter Says:

    You are absolutely right. The books are very deep and the TV is very superficial.

  9. Peter Says:

    Instead watching TV, if we can spent our TV time with other people the world will be different.

  10. Susan Says:

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  11. Peter Says:

    Dear Susan,
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  12. Susan Says:

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